Work With My Team and I To Transform Your Body And Boost Your Confidence

Before joining the Noel Deyzel Academy, I had been spinning tires on muscle building, trying to figure out how to get lean at the same time. The Academy gave guidance on body recomposition strategy that worked near flawlessly. I was able to drop body fat (from 25% to 11%) and still gain muscle. 

I would recommend the Noel Deyzel Academy to both lifters and non lifters, anyone who wants a life change.


Before working with the Noel Deyzel Academy, I was spinning in circles with my physique goals. I worked out consistently but never put much effort into an adequate diet. The Academy helped me understand that it’s nearly impossible to outwork a bad diet. The Academy laid out my meal plan, workout and even stretching and supplementation guide. 


It’s all there for you if you put in the work. Additionally, they notice the little changes and progress to make sure you stay motivated and confident with your results. I’m the leanest I’ve ever been and am truly grateful I got the opportunity to work with the Noel Deyzel Academy.


I joined Noel Deyzel Academy because my life was hectic and it was only getting busier. Between working a full time office job, taking night classes for an MBA, and my wife being in nursing school as well, I didn’t have the time to create the meal plans and workout programming that I needed to get back in shape, the little free time I had was spoken for. Noel Deyzel Academy fixed that. I was trying to come back from a herniated disc, and I let them know about that, they created a program that instead of avoiding it, incorporated strengthening my lower back during the first 4 months, and now I’m back squatting and deadlifting pain free, as well as my day to day just being pain free.


The meal plans have plenty of choices, and on top of that they’re pretty tasty, my wife actually always ends up stealing some of my food.
My coach is always a message away for form tips or areas I want to focus on, or if I just need some temporary changes to my program because of external factors.
The app is great, I can get in the gym and zone out, just following the app for my workout and seeing what weight I was doing last time so I can push myself and progressively increase it. I don’t have to think, which is what I need so I can get it done. The program has been awesome, and I’m looking forward to continuing on with new goals.